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The PS3 Song! The PS3 Song!

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OMG, that was so well done

its so true...
Blue ray will be obselete soon, it costs too much, not a whole lot of good games, killzone 2 will not be even comparable to halo ... like before. I mean each counsel has some sorta gimmik atleast. xbox has the xbox live, wii has ... the motion sensored controllers and downloadable games...and "quality games". PS3 is just a high powered computer with limited options. PSP however is a different story...

Mario and The Lost Coin Mario and The Lost Coin

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lol, mario jumps wierd

twas funny

CIA responds:


Passion Collaboration Passion Collaboration

Rated 5 / 5 stars


that was awsome. the wait was long but it was worth it. GO NGCOOLABS ^-^.

Shoo Fly Shoo Fly

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this is certanly the best movie on NG, thats drawn with an anime style...make more...alot more.

Pizza and Zombies Pizza and Zombies

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lol...he wasconsumed bu the zombies who he thought were his friends, LMFAO, all tens 4 u, and voting a five, lol.

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VigorousJammer responds:

heh, thx buddy ^_^

Yoshi's Island (shorts) Yoshi's Island (shorts)

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sorry but....

I didn't hink it was that funny, and it was short, thus the name short I guess, but better luck next time.

Bomber109 responds:

Yeah, I don't think I was as funny as I can be, but at least its better than the last one (really long).

Theatre Previews 2 Theatre Previews 2

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that is the best movie I have ever seen in my whole entire life, and I am not dead yet, thats how good this movie is *goes to watch it 9999999 more times*

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swiftstylerX responds:

Rofl, thanks man.

Beyond Gaming RPG edition Beyond Gaming RPG edition

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Xions is D best....cause I sed so

well, its been awhile. but great movie, every movie of yours I watch your character gets better and better. hopefully I'll get my computer after christmas and we can finally do a callab. get a yahoo account, lol. my yahoo sn is midnightstealthxo , duh, lol. anyways...till next time.

DailyTune09052005 DailyTune09052005

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.... what the hell.... that was terrible.

I thought the daily toon was stopped a long time ago due to extremely, terrible, apauling quality. serreously, its worth nothing but blam points. you couldn't has serously that this would get past, therefor your in violation of the NG rules and should be banned. the music was the ONLY thing that was almost above crap. I would have given you a negative if I could.

Xionic Revolution Xionic Revolution

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smash bros rules

that was awsome, perfect in everyway shape and form. the smash bros one was the best...marios a soar loser....

Xionico responds:

lmao thanks, and it depends on who uses it XD, he may be good, or not O.o